3 Week Series

Wednesday 6th June

Wednesday 13th June

Wednesday 20th June

"I met Andrew Morello during the filming of Channel Nine’s The Apprentice show in 2009. He was immediately likeable and I picked him as someone who was motivated, intelligent, hard-working and would go far in life" 
- Mark Bouris (Founder Of Yellow Brick Road & Television Show "The Mentor)

Join us for 3 consecutive Wednesdays in the month of June with Andrew Morello - Winner of the first celebrity Australian Apprentice and Head Of Business Development for Yellow Brick Road.

Over the course of 3 weeks, Morello will teach you his "Morello Matrix": A successful strategy that has helped many Australians invest: for the first time, or even the 10th time, a logical and practical process to get from where ever you are at right now financially, toward your property investment goals. 

- Planning on buying your first home
- Wanting to make more investments in the property market
- The desire to learn step by step what you need to have to borrow money
- Ensure you make money in your investment and learn successful insights into the current market
- Q and A with Morello himself and much much more.

About Andrew Morello

At just 18, when most of his mates were thinking fast cars and gap year holidays, self-confessed Monopoly aficionado Andrew Morello had a tidy $50,000 deposit saved up from working after school jobs, and a burning desire to build up his personal wealth.

By the time Morello turned 30, he has already racked up nine properties in his personal portfolio

Even since his days at St Bernard’s College, Morello has been a natural born leader and talker. Growing up with family business in his veins, Andrew ventured into the world of entrepreneurship as a teenager. Real estate was always a passion for him and after obtaining his license, Andrew achieved outstanding results in the industry. An auctioneer by trade, Andrew shines brightest when he is leading a bidding war. He can hold an audience in the palms of his hands when he enters a room full of strangers. His natural enthusiasm and outstanding sales oriented skill set enable Andrew to provide exactly the service and outcome that people seek. 

Andrew gives one hundred and fifty percent to anything that he does, which is why he was chosen amongst other worthy candidates to be the apprentice to businessman Mark Bouris. A loyal team player and exemplary project manager, Andrew may not have won all his teams tasks, but won over his future boss’s expectations by showing his people person skills and blazing ambition. 

"I would not hesitate at all to have Morello come in and deliver another talk, and I highly recommend him to anyone else looking for a motivational speaker, or just someone to come in and give people a unique and entertaining perspective on things. I know that all of the Googlers in attendance that day were inspired." 
Media Manager, Google Australia

Winning the first season of The Apprentice Australia has set Andrew well on his path. It was clear to see that he put the summation of his life, learning and impeccable work ethic into the series. Willing to “walk the talk” and standing behind his values, Andrew won the hearts and minds of viewers and Apprentice contestants. That journey continues today as Andrew works alongside Executive Chairman for Yellow Brick Road, Mark Bouris, expanding the YBR network as Head of Business Development.