Career Direction Framework



Recently, our director Matt was asked by Australian Online Courses to write about career direction for young students.

Here is a snippet of Matt's framework:
The GPV Framework encourages self-reflection and may require seeking experiences and feedback from peers and networks.

G for “Gifts”

P for “Passions”

V for “Values”

Gifts prompts you to consider your strengths. It’s best to start with what you’re good at.

What is your personality?

Do you like working in a team or solo?

What are you not so good at?

What are the things you’re great at, but don’t enjoy?

Do you like the outdoors?

What are your hobbies?


Passion is essentially asking, what do you care about?

Are there issues or communities in the world that resonate with you more than others?

What ticks you off about the world and makes you feel like you want to do something about it?

What needs aren’t being met in your city?

Do you, your family, or friends have interests that aren’t being met?

Values are all about your lifestyle and personality.

What is non-negotiable about the way you work?

If you value family time, working a 120-hour week is going to compromise that.

What are your personal boundaries?

Who and what matters more than work?

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Matt Purcell is one Australia’s leading life coaches, presenters, a successful businessman and an accomplished musician and song-writer. His reaches close to 100,000 people annually through his seminars, business and events and has appeared on national television, regularly speaking at conferences and performing at concerts. He has been nominated as Australian Of The Year.

Matt Purcell