Life Coaching at The Green Room offers students a young adult role model/ lifecoach to vent to and hang out with throughout the week, including projects and character goals to work toward, and organising social opportunities to make new friends. We have and are currently mentoring students with mild Autism and behavioural conditions such as Aspergers, ADHD and more for many years and have seen measurable improvements. Our strategy is based on a GPS acronym – Gifts, Passion, and Strategy. We believe in a holistic approach to improving and shaping young peoples’ lives and we endeavour to connect with them through effective and relevant pathways and approaches. Each mentored young person will have access to their mentor throughout the week in the following three ways:




Social Hangs

We organise a fun dinner night with other similar aged Mentees to connect, which has built a beautiful community and connection to other young students who are going through similar seasons in their life. We have our very popular Pizza Podcast Nights at The Green Room, where we get some young people together and record anonymous conversations about the struggles and themes of the teenage life. These podcasts were released worldwide on itunes in 2015 and are helping other young people across Australia who are facing similar issues in their young lives.

Community Care

We also arrange for our mentees to go and serve the community, volunteering at local charities and organisations. Whether it be at a nursing home, feeding the needy in town, or helping a person in their school. This has proven to be a life changing experience – giving back to the community exposes young people to the needs of others and opens up an amazing awareness and reflection on their own lives.

Youth Employment Training

Our surveys have shown us that many young people don’t know how to put a good resume together, to apply effectively for jobs and young people often lack basic skills and confidence to approach the workplace. Through our community care opportunities, we work with local organisations that provide work experience for young people, references for their resumes and opportunities to learn.

We have youth resume templates that give a step by step method for young people to build an effective resume. We also equip them with communication skills and practical tools and advice for interviews and workplace scenarios.

Our Life Mentors

All of our Mentors are policed checked, have a Working With Children Check, and have public and private liability insurances. We understand that it is crucial for parents to know what kind of people your children are in front of. Male students are to be with male mentors and female students are to be with female mentors.




“Our son struggled at school with frequent suspensions, episodes of self-harming and getting hooked on social media. Our path led us to Psychologists, Pediatric, Psychiatrist and even to the Police. When finally we were recommended to go to Matt at The Green Room.

We have had no suspensions since and our son is happy at school today. Matt has also helped our son to better deal with the pressures of Facebook and other social media issues. He is an ear to listen to that is not his parent.

I can’t thank Matt enough for helping us with our son during the last 6 months. Matt has helped guide him and is someone cool for him to look up and talk to. We saw such huge improvements in our son after only a few weeks. He now has a great person to contact when he has a hard time at school dealing with his friends.

Matt has have been a pillar of support for a struggling teenager. He has gone out of his way to help our son by being available at all hours and being a true friend. Matt’s help and friendship has changed our son to become a better person.

I thoroughly recommend any teenager finding life a little difficult to contact The Green Room for help through Life Mentoring. It is worth every cent, to have our teenager back and happy. It has been a huge benefit to the whole family. ”
- Wendy

So Thankful - My Story

Lake Macquarie

^ Youth Mentoring - Parents, Principle, Police.

I thought the best thing was to be able to talk to and hang around with an adult who wasn ́t my parent or teacher. It ́s a great feeling to be able to talk to an adult, without being treated as a child.”

Ben (Student)

Lake Macquarie