Here you'll find information on class prices, how to make payments, packages and our payment policies. If you'd like any further information, please contact us directly.





Runs all year

Our Yoga Classes are run by Carolyn from LUV YOGA LAKE MAC. Please contact Carolyn directly to organise and pay for your classes. Policies for LUV YOGA are seperate to The Green Room Policies.

0404 874 136

$100.00 - 10 Visit Card ( share with a friend or relative)
$15.00 - Casual Class
$25.00/ week for unlimited classes

$10.00 for 10 consecutive days in a row to trial.


10 Week Terms

Same Class each week

Make new friend

Term Membership

$130 - Mums & Bubs & Toddlers
$150 - Kids, Teens & Concession
$170 - Adults
+ $15 Annual Registration Fee



You will be given the opportunity to rollover your spot in a class to the following term. To secure your spot in a class, a deposit of your first class will be requested. We do not offer casual visits due to small class numbers. We appreciate your understanding in advance.




Online Payment

We will send you an invoice via email. The email will have a link to payment through a secure PayPal payment portal. You do not require a PayPal account to pay through the link. This is the quickest and easiest way to pay.

Over the Phone

You can also pay over the phone. You will need a credit or debit card to do this, and we will send you a receipt via email or text. 

At The Green Room

You can also pay cash or card in store. If you are paying by car, you will need a credit or debit card to do this, and we will send you a receipt via email or text. Please note we still require payment of lessons in advance. Payment on the day will be too late as your appointment would have been cancelled by this stage.





Please note that while we endeavour to give you the highest level of service, the following policies and procedures are non negotiable and are set in place to maintain stability and consistency in the running of The Green Room MP.

We are not a child minding service. It is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian that you are at The Green Room ready to pick up your child/childrean as soon as their appointment finishes. If a child leaves The Green Room by themself, this is not the responsibility of the teacher or The Green Room.

If you have made a booking, but have not paid before the day of the booking, there is no guarantee that your booking will still be available. All bookings are tentative until payment has been received.

If you have made a booking, but have not paid before the day of the booking, there is no guarantee that your booking will still be available. All bookings are tentative until payment has been received.

If a student who is signed up as a term member develops a long-term illness, a serious injury, or experiences a life-altering tragedy, which restricts their ability to attend future bookings, a cancellation fee of $60 will release the student from their membership.

Term Members are entitled to 2 RESCHEDULED LESSONS per term, provided that you have given us no less than 24 hours notice via voicemail, email, or SMS (to our business mobile number).

Lessons that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited.

Lessons that are forgotten or missed for some other reason will be forfeited.

If The Green Room cancels your lesson due to teacher sickness or unavailability, you will be notified as soon as is possible, and a rescheduled lesson time will be offered to you. In some cases, a suitable substitute teacher will step in on the day.

If for some unforeseen reason your teacher misses your lesson unannounced, you will be offered a rescheduled lesson or a refund (Note: this is a very unusual situation and it is not a common occurence at The Green Room).
One you have booked a Rescheduled Lesson with The Green Room, it cannot be rebooked. If you cancel a reschedule, you will forfeit the lesson.

We recommend that you do not cancel any lessons during the term if it is possible, as the time slots we can offer you will depend on studio and teacher availability. Sometimes there is very little room for movement. You must understand that rescheduled lesson times are not usually the most convenient time slots. However, we will try to offer you prime time spots if they become available due to another cancellation.

If you expect to be away a lot during a term, we do not recommend Term Membership. Perhaps Casual Lessons might be a good idea.

All reschedules that are owed to you must be redeemed within the current term. We cannot carry any unused reschedule lessons across terms or into the holidays. Once we have tried to contact you more than twice, we will send you an email or text to remind you that we will no longer be chasing you, and it will be up to you to redeem your rescheduled lessons before the term ends.

Lessons cannot be cancelled in the last week of term. This is because there is no time left to reschedule the lesson. We will send out a reminder email in the second last week of term about this. If you know that you are going to be away for the last week of term, please reschedule that lesson with us in advance.

If unforeseen circumstances impact your ability to complete payment of your term fees (e.g. instalment plans), your remaining fees will be transferred to a suitable payment plan. Please be aware that you will not be able to make further bookings until all outstanding fees have been paid out.

The Green Room and all staff reserve the right to refuse services if a student turns up to an appointment sick. Please do not send sick children to The Green Room as it puts all of our staff at risk of sickness, as well as any other students or customers in the centre. Most of our staff have weekly gigs which are part of their income, so their voice is an asset for their living expenses. Our tuition rooms do not have windows, so we consider it very insensitive for students to come to appointments when they are sick.

The Green Room will take all care in regard to all lost property, but will not accept responsibility for any items left or broken in the studio. Please not that The Green Room will NOT under any circumstances accept responsibility for administering medication of any type, including non-prescription medication.