We all need to take time to slow down, relax and become more connected with our bodies. Yoga is a great way to release stress in both the mind and body, and to refocus. We cater for toddlers, kids, teens, mums & bubs and adults. We create the perfect low-lit, relaxing atmosphere in our studio for all yoga classes, using aromatherapy and music to encourage focus and relaxation. Check out our class timetable for the Studio Schedule.



Guitar is one of the most popular and “coolest” instruments you can ever learn. Nothing beats having a professional, fun and relatable mentor to guide your musical goals. Our tutors make sure you are using the correct guitar techniques. They will also set up a world class routine for your practice and most importantly will help you love your music even more.

We specialise in many genres, including Rock, Pop, Funk, Classical, Metal, Acoustic and more. We teach beginner to advanced guitar levels in Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar. All of our guitar tutors also double in teaching Ukulele, which is becoming very popular with the young ones and is a great instrument to begin with.

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The Sciences are very important subjects as they study the foundations, cycles, and movements of life in all aspects – from beginning to end. Life is such an incredibly fascinating thing to study!

Both Biology and Chemistry are necessary pre-requisites for many popular university degrees and careers, but so many school-aged students struggle with these subjects. Even though they are hoping to have a career that has a foundation of science, there seems to be a common “boring” attitude about science in the school years.

At The Green Room, we bring science to life! We deliver our after-school Science Sessions in an exciting and eye-opening way, encouraging students to realise that science is more amazing and relevant then they might think. In a one-on-one or small group tutoring environment, our students get the attention, space, and time that they might be missing out on at school. We have seen our students improve dramatically, not only with their grades and marks, but with their individual passion for the world of science.

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